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Torben Pedersen is a Dane lost and Texas with a passion for technology.

Moviequeue Released

With the recent release of Bookqueue II, it was a good opportunity to bring a sister application online, Moviequeue.  Moviequeue follows its older sister’s objective and features of finding and queuing movies for reference and/or later viewing.  The application is integrated with Amazon … Continue reading

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Bookqueue II Released

The holidays brought a little downtime to get a long overdue successor to Bookqueue released to the store, Bookqueue II. The purpose of Bookqueue II remains the same as Bookqueue, queueing books for later, but the implementation has changed significantly … Continue reading

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Librarians and Bots

It’s been a while and time to get going again! Been looking into Bots which has recently been a conversation topic of Facebook and Microsoft. The underlying idea is that a Bot could be used as an assistant to help … Continue reading

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LiveSDK.Android – a Xamarin library for accessing SkyDrive

I have recently been looking closer into  cross-platform development and found myself rooted in Xamarin.  The first adventure is Xamarin.Android and porting Bookqueue to the Android environment.  Microsoft has made accessing SkyDrive simple with its LiveSDK for Android.  To help … Continue reading

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Sort directions available for Bookqueue for Windows

Bookqueue for Windows has been updated to allow changing sort directions based on primary view (Author, Title, Publication Date).  Also, the book tile will include the publication date for visual cue to the Date sort direction.

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Barcode scanner added to Bookqueue for Windows Phone

Bookqueue for Windows Phone v3.2 is now available in the Windows Phone Store. This version adds barcode scanning support from the Find Book page. Once on the barcode scanning page, place the camera view finder over the barcode and the … Continue reading

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Using Bing News and Windows Azure as a News Solution

The purpose of this post is to illustrate the news customization of Bing News in Windows and how it can be paired with Windows Azure as a content source.  The result is a powerful aggregation of news sources personalized to … Continue reading

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