The Future of Bookqueue

A new chapter is about to start for Bookqueue!  As highlighted in a previous post – “Bookqueue, we have a problem”, new challenges presents new opportunities. How the journey will end is unknown as of this writing, but at this time Bookqueue is continuing on.

Bookqueue was originally created to serve my family since its inception in 2012. The family and community has been great supporters of the application over the years and finding this new challenge has not made anyone particularly happy.  Especially my spouse and you probably know what they say “When Mommy isn’t happy…”. So, we are going to work on getting Bookqueue back to making everyone happy!


There are short-term bug fixes and updates that will come to Bookqueue to remove crashes and provide better error information. This will include removal of localized Amazon countries where Bookqueue usage was low and subsequently blocked. The outcome of these changes should bring some stability to the application although its capabilities will be limited in nature under current constraints.


Ideas are starting as to how we can bring Bookqueue capabilities back to full throttle. These include ways for how our family and community members can help drive advertising revenue activity within a continuous 30-day timespan to satisfy the Amazon Efficiency Guidelines and not be throttled. We are still seeking to limit the ‘book sell’ feature of Bookqueue but may have to move from a passive to a semi-active process to meet Amazon guidelines.   Alternatives to utilizing the Amazon advertising system as the content provider are being considered but at a low priority as Bookqueue’s value has been directly attributed to Amazon’s backend systems.

I plan to provide periodic updates when available, but welcome community feedback if you have suggestions as to how Bookqueue can thrive in the new norm. Happy reading!

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