Content Caching

Bookqueue II and Moviequeue v1.16 introduced content caching. As previously outlined in Bookqueue, we have a problem, the new update is intended to help increase availability of content. The content caching is On by default but can be turned Off in the Settings under Amazon. Look for the Content Caching section.

Content Caching in Windows
Content Caching on Android

When turning Content Caching Off, the change will not be immediate but takes effect the next time the application is restarted.

Caching is limited in size to approximately 1MB on the device. If the cache gets larger, it will automatically delete its cache to make room for new content.

Moviequeue Released

Moviequeue logoWith the recent release of Bookqueue II, it was a good opportunity to bring a sister application online, Moviequeue.  Moviequeue follows its older sister’s objective and features of finding and queuing movies for reference and/or later viewing.  The application is integrated with Amazon Video for searching the Amazon video catalog and ability to filter based on online or physical movie media.

– Find movies by type (Amazon Video, All Movies)
– Queued movies automatically added to your Queue shelf
– Manage movies across multiple shelves, such as Watching and Archive
– Sort and order moves by priority and title
– Add reminders for pre-release titles so you get notified on the date of its release
– Customize shelves by adding your own shelf title (for example, Fiction vs. Non-Fiction, Documentaries, etc.)
– Direct link to Amazon for full movie details
– Easily search similar movies for movie recommendations
– Find latest Bestsellers
– Synchronize your device movies to OneDrive for backup and/or sharing across devices

Platform Availability
Moviequeue is available for Windows 10 and Android via the Windows and Google Play app stores.