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  1. Hello, I have just downloaded your app on Windows store..I got message, that app is installed, but by pressing the “open” button, app will not open. I have installed Windows 10. Do I make something wrong? best regards, barbara

    • Hi Barbara, apologies in the delayed response. Based on your description, I don’t believe you have done anything wrong. I unfortunately have a race condition that has had trouble opening the application and I’m in the process of creating an updated version for Windows 10. I would suggest try an uninstall and reinstall to see if it fixes it. Otherwise, I hope the Windows 10 version will have resolved the issue.


  2. I used Bookqueue and it worked up until this last Windows update. I now have Bookqueue II and it pops up an error saying I’m submitting requests too quickly, but have searched only once. Possibly an error with the new Windows update?? I uninstalled and reinstalled, no success. Thanks!

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