Moviequeue Released

Moviequeue logoWith the recent release of Bookqueue II, it was a good opportunity to bring a sister application online, Moviequeue.  Moviequeue follows its older sister’s objective and features of finding and queuing movies for reference and/or later viewing.  The application is integrated with Amazon Video for searching the Amazon video catalog and ability to filter based on online or physical movie media.

– Find movies by type (Amazon Video, All Movies)
– Queued movies automatically added to your Queue shelf
– Manage movies across multiple shelves, such as Watching and Archive
– Sort and order moves by priority and title
– Add reminders for pre-release titles so you get notified on the date of its release
– Customize shelves by adding your own shelf title (for example, Fiction vs. Non-Fiction, Documentaries, etc.)
– Direct link to Amazon for full movie details
– Easily search similar movies for movie recommendations
– Find latest Bestsellers
– Synchronize your device movies to OneDrive for backup and/or sharing across devices

Platform Availability
Moviequeue is available for Windows 10 and Android via the Windows and Google Play app stores.