Bookqueue II Released

Bookqueue II imageThe holidays brought a little downtime to get a long overdue successor to Bookqueue released to the store, Bookqueue II. The purpose of Bookqueue II remains the same as Bookqueue, queueing books for later, but the implementation has changed significantly which created a brand new version rather than an evolution of the original Bookqueue app.

What’s changed?
Bookqueue was optimized for Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8.x.   Although application behavior was similar between the full desktop and phone, they were for all purposes treated as two (2) separate applications.
Bookqueue II is optimized for Windows 10 which provides a unified experience for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and other supported device types in the Windows 10 family.  The benefit this provides is a single application and experience across the Windows 10 desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile devices.

What about other platforms?
By community request, there is now a version of Bookqueue II available for Android.Get it on Google Play  Bookqueue II for Android will contain feature parity with the Windows versions of Bookqueue II, and provides queue synchronization across devices. This means that if you opt in for synchronization  to your OneDrive storage, Bookqueue II for Android and Bookqueue II for Windows will be able to synchronize and share books across devices.

Running both Bookqueue and Bookqueue II
As Bookqueue and Bookqueue II are independent applications, they can be run side-by-side on supported systems, such as Windows 10.  The recommendation is to choose the version that fits your devices best.  If Bookqueue II is an option, it contains an ‘import’ feature that allows you to copy your current Bookqueue books (and shelf associations) to Bookqueue II.  You can then use Bookqueue II from that point forward.  The ‘import’ feature is not a synchronization, so you can run it multiple times without risk of deleting any books queued in Bookqueue or Bookqueue II.
Note: You cannot synchronize books across Bookqueue (original) and Bookqueue II (latest) as the synchronization feature is independent between them.

What’s next?
As Bookqueue II is a new implementation it does not have feature parity with Bookqueue.  I will be closing the gap between the two (2) versions and will be adding new capabilities to Bookqueue II going forward.  If you have a feature request, please feel free to contact me:, always appreciate the feedback.

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