Librarians and Bots

It’s been a while and time to get going again! Been looking into Bots which has recently been a conversation topic of Facebook and Microsoft.
The underlying idea is that a Bot could be used as an assistant to help answer or do different tasks on your behalf. Looking at the history of Bookqueue it made me consider what is one of the primary capabilities of the application, searching for books. Before we had Personal PC’s, I would go the Library for a similar capability and ask my local librarian if she could find a book for me. Hence, the birth of the LibrarianBot.

Take it for trial run and ask it some questions you would have asked your librarian before the Personal PC:

'Find books by George R. Martin'
'Lookup ISBN 1439501661'

Should you get stuck, try entering ‘help’ to get instructions of phrases the bot can understand. Give it a try and please leave your feedback.

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